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DISHA  (Development Initiatives for Sustainable Human  Advancement) is a voluntary  organization founded in  1998 by a group of social workers who have been actively involved in the field of development work for more than a decade.


Legal Status


  • Registered as public charitable trust. (No.106/17.01.2000).

  • Registered under section 12A of the Income Tax Act 30.01.2001.

  • Registered under FC (Regulation)Act ,1976 of Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt.of India  ( No:094630176/May21,2004).




DISHA envisions to develop a sustainable society based on equality,equity,justice and self reliance.

Target population


DISHA proposes to work with disadvantaged sections of the society especially women, tribals, daliths, working children, displaced, unorganized and   landless poor. Initially it limits its geographical area only to Mangaluru Taluk and progressively extend to other taluks of Dakshina Kannada district depending on the need.

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